March 22, 2014

2013-06-16 Samcheonpo Sightseeing Cruise (84)
I’m drowning here
But I don’t want to call the lifeguard
Because my mascara’s smudged
And my hair’s a mess
You can see my droopy breasts
If I call him in
He’ll find out I can’t swim
I’d die with shame
He’d know my name
I don’t need any help
I think I’ll be okay
I’m drowning here
But that’s normal, right?
Life is hard!
I don’t need a lifeguard
I’m good at flailing
Don’t want anyone to think I’m failing
Gulping down seawater
Barely keep it together
I made it through another day
Get off my back
You’re not making it any easier
I don’t need any help
I think I’ll be fine
You are sitting on the beach
Making sandcastles
Chasing the waves
Burying your toes in the sand
Sitting under an umbrella
Stopping once in awhile
Yelling out to sea
You think you know me
I’m drowning here
But I don’t need any help
I don’t need anyone to see
I think I’ll be fine
Just don’t say anything
I think I’ll be fine

About the poem:
One of the saddest things is  to see people suffering alone, in shame. Support groups, therapy and helpful people and modalities await. Most people who suffer have tried NOTHING!  A very few have tried everything, but many have tried NOTHING and have still decided that their fate is to suffer alone, with no hope for change.
If you don’t know where to start, start anywhere! Google an exact phrase of your problem. Start with a 12-step support group, online or in person. Start by finding someone who emulates what you want. Start by saying you’re sorry and that you need help, to those you hurt mot. Start anywhere! Most of us actually do need help. And it’s a lot more fun to get it, than to drown alone in shame. Start today.

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