Je T’aime

I told him I was through
He was in disbelief
But, but, but …you said I love you
you said it in French!

True, I realize now my mistake.
I have developed a full disclosure for future use,
and keep several copies in my purse.

je t’aime*

*Use of these words is intended to convey unconditional awe, appreciation and acceptance of the being. The expresser retains the right to utter the words without restriction, and to continue loving the person imperfectly with no stated expiration date.

Possible side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, temporary loss of memory, change in libido, headaches, backaches, pains in the neck, and insomnia.

No guarantees, rights or warranties are expressed or implied. The statement does not imply any rights of ownership, possessions, or time.

Investors participate at their own risk. By participating, you acknowledge that no investment is 100% guaranteed and that volatility may cause a loss of interest and erode part or all of the initial investment.

There are no refunds but your karmic account may be credited accordingly, so save your receipt.

Please remember all the above, if by chance, I lean over and softly kiss you and whisper,
je t’aime

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