Laugh it Off - Antidote for Perfectionism

Lost your keys?
Scraped your knees?
Forget it please!

Dropped your plate?
Woke up late?
We all make mistakes!

Ran out of gas?
Fell on your ass?
Just let it go!

The only way to be perfect
Is to enjoy being not so.
It’s okay
You’re okay
Just, laugh it off!

Written: Oct 15, 2013

About the poem:
Today and over the past few days, my friends and coworkers and I have made some silly mistakes: keys, jackets, telephones, forgetfulness, dropping things, and misunderstandings. But we kept these small incidents small.

It’s easy to get all worked up about minor incidents like this, cursing yourself and others. And it’s tempting to then tell and retell stories, making them juicier each time. But check in and see how this feels. It’s likely to get you riled up! There’s no law that says we have to report every stupid mistake dozens of times to everyone we meet! (Okay, this was news to me!)

We are human. We make mistakes. That’s normal. In most cases we can just chuckle about it at the time, take note of what to do differently next time, and let it go. By doing so, we can sail along peacefully enjoying the present and open to the divine possibilities of the future. The end.

Perfectionism: The Party Pooper we can Stop Inviting  …is a chapter in my book: Tuning In to Inner Peace. Learn how to keep your perfectionism from ruining otherwise perfect days!

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