December 16, 2013


Learning to climb
And learning to fall
And learning to trust
Is learning it all

About the poem:
Today I went on a climbing wall with my friend and her two little boys. The last time I climbed was in Mexico as a high school kid. There I learned what came back to me today: If you get scared because you might fall and you stop, you’ll never know if you could have made it. But if you go ahead and try it, sometimes you will make it. And for the times you fail, there is support and you can just try again. It was cool too because our belayer told us he used to be afraid of heights, but now he loves climbing too. As for me and the climbing wall, I want to try it again!

How many times do we not try something because we think we might fail and be drastically hurt. I wonder, how many times would that really be true?


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