Bracing for a blizzard
But where did it go
Just a rainy drizzle
Lordy, let it snow
Blue sky and  sunshine again?
“Beautiful day?”
So you say.
Pillow over my head
I’m going back to bed
I have nowhere to go
I’m just waiting.
Lordy, let it snow
About the poem:
We didn’t get winter this year in Denver. Time and time again,r the forecasters called for a blizzard or at least a decent snow. But as it did yesterday morning, instead of snow, there was just a slight drizzle. And by 10 am the sky was blue and the sun was out.
My dad never cussed, but he did say “Lordy”. (Well, just once when he was under the car and something fell and bonked him on the head, he said “Damn!”. That was my dad.)
At the Climate Reality Project training, we heard from the Colorado Homeland Security director. He said that for the first time ever, Colorado had “red flag warnings” (fire danger due to high temperatures and dry conditions) in some parts of the state, while there were blizzard warnings in other parts. In fact, the fire season in Colorado has doubled from what it was in the 1970’s.
About the Poet:
Joan Gregerson is a Wellness Coach & Eco-Nut, and creator of the program Food Freedom Naturally. She is also a trained Climate Reality Leader (Denver, 2017.) She’s on a mission to get people to care for and protect the very planet that sustains us. We can’t be too busy for that.

About the Author joangregerson

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