A little person

Her cart stacked high, she smiles

And lightens my load


About the poem:

This is the cardboard recycling system in my town. People walk the streets, collecting cardboard and piling it high in carts. They push the cart business to business, then drop it somewhere for a bit of money.

One of the cardboard recyclers is a little lady whose height is about up to my ribs. When fully stacked, the cardboard-filled cart reaches nearly twice her height. I guess she is between 40 and 50 years old…younger than me by a little.

I am happy when I catch sight of her and know that we will cross paths. When she sees me, I can always count on a sincere, bright smile and wave, and an “Anyeonghaseyo!” (Hi!) So,  If I was mulling over some concern, it disappears. Her smile always lightens my load!


About the Author joangregerson

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