October 14, 2013

2013-10-12 7th Annual Neighborhood Peace Walk (36)

If you are scared
Look up to me
If you are worried
Look up to me

When your eyes meet mine
Here’s what you’ll see
A smile that’s light and easy
A spirit that’s strong and free

When you are wondering what to be
Look up to me

About the poem:
Whether we admit it or not, we are teaching our kids basic ideas about life by the way we live. It’s as if a kid is asking us directly, “So, this life thing…what’s the deal. Thumbs up or thumbs down?” If we are anxious worrywarts, we are teaching our kids to be. If we are confident and loving to ourselves, to them and in life in general, we teach that life is a gift to be enjoyed.

Parenting is complicated. Remembering that the way we act is a blueprint for our kids’ starting point for their lives can help us lighten up and laugh more…increasing the odds that our kids will be able to also.

I took this photo of my friend’s adorable daughter yesterday. I was struck by how many times babies look to mama, for an interpretation of life as it unfolds, moment by moment. A reassuring smile from mama says a lot.

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