Poem: Losing it All …a poem of grief for L'Wren Scott

The game of life
Is one of money
We do our best
And roll the dice
Sometimes winning big
Sometimes losing big

But it is a game

In debt
Wanting to pay what we owe
Who we owe
To make our promises good
Try as we might
The Yes’es
Become No
Millionaire smiles
Designer styles
May fly off the line
Or die on the vine

But it is a game
And that was misunderstood

No gravestone
Posts final net worth
Nor our salary
Nor our girth

Play hard
But it is a game
Sometimes winning big
Sometimes losing big

But the tragedy
Is losing it all
Losing sight of it as a game
Losing faith in us to see past that
Losing faith in love
Losing life itself

Was our love not enough
To convince you to stay
To shake it off
To believe there’s always another day

It’s a game
The tragedy
Is losing it all

About the poem:

Rest in peace, beautiful L’Wren Scott.

Surely all of us have had those moments of despair. When our best efforts yield results that force us to disappoint others, leaving us embarrassed and desparate. But it is at these times, that we must step back… to generations earlier… and imagine our great grandparents, wondering if one day we might exist. Knowing certainly that life has ups and downs, and that that has no relationship to the value of our life. Our own unique life. 

The tragedy of suicide is someone misunderstanding the life circumstances as more valuable than another day of life. Simply life itself as value. 

When we teach our kids, this is critical to instill that although we expect them to play hard in life, if and when they lose, to shake it off. To be able to differentiate the game from the beauty of life itself, to not tie their self-worth to their net worth. To feel alive and content, letting no external factors takeover their ability to feel love and peace.

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