2010-12-20 Writing Class






An excuse.

Love is the subject

About the poem:

I know now that teaching is just an excuse to hang out with cool people. It’s a precious opportunity to love them and be loved.┬áRealizing that love is a teacher’s top priority makes things richer, clearer. It’s similar to how shooting hoops with friends is not really about winning the game of H-O-R-S-E; it’s about spending fun, important, bonding time with friends.

When a student enrolls in class, the end goal is to have a good life …one filled with love and purpose. But, if our focus is love, appreciation and encouragement, we can deliver that moment, now!

About the author:

Joan just really, really hopes you figure out how to enjoy your life before it’s over. She writes books and blogs about this very important, fun topic!

About the Author joangregerson

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