Poem: Luckily, I Like Beans


Inside my donut

Red beans are found

And in my slice of bread

Black beans abound

And for tasty pastries

Green beans are ground

White beans pureed are my noodle’s goop

Red beans pureed make a sweet cold soup

(While tasty enough,

The black bean sauce does look like poop)

When summer comes around

Red beans are the main theme

They are the Pot in PotBingSu

With shaved ice and cream

So when buying tofu at the market

And I’m asked,

“With or without” added ground black beans,

Though I’m not sure what that even means

“With!”, I say


Luckily, I like beans!

2013-06-15 20.36.24 (1)


About the poem:

Before we went on a year-long trip to Central America, the best advice we received was from a friend who’d lived there, “Just decide that you like beans. And you’ll be fine. More than fine, you’ll be happy!”

Here in Korea, beans are in foods I’d never thought beans knew about. At first it was a shock, but now, if I bite into a donut hole and there are no red beans, I feel like I’m getting ripped off!

Deciding that I like beans in all these variations makes it fun and easy to eat here! As it did in Central America too!

About the author:

Joan Gregerson has visited 22 or so countries and is culturally mixed-up in almost any situation. This has given her the chance to chuckle at what ideas we all hold to strongly to, that are completely missing or considered false in another country.

Deciding that you like your life, and other tips, are the focus of my book: Tuning In to Inner Peace, on Amazon and Kindle.



About the Author: Joan Gregerson


  1. Reply misterstewardess

    It *is* lucky you like beans in that part of the world, especially if you plan on buying anything hot from the Lawson’s. Love this poem — Beans in Asia so perfectly captured.

      • Reply misterstewardess

        I couldn’t remember if Lawson’s were as Everywhere in Korea as they are in Japan and China, but it’s like the 7-11. Seems like every time I grabbed a steamed bun in one of those places it had beans in it! I wanted the pizza one, but never learned how to ask for it, and the pictures always look the same! 😉

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