I was trying to do what was ‘normal’
But I just couldn’t do it
I just couldn’t be it
I couldn’t compete
I couldn’t keep it all together
But dang it
I tried
Then luckily
I sprained my ankle
Those I was trying to impress
Took care of me
I had to stop completely
And just go rest
Little by little
I’m getting stronger
And everyone is happy
With me doing what I can do
But making sure not to overdo
I had been making myself crazy
Trying to keep up
But now
I get to start over
So luckily
I sprained my ankle

About the poem:
In the past week, a few friends and I have, coincidentally, had sudden health things to deal with. And in all cases, they have the great side effect of changing the game so quickly, that it’s a chance to reset. It’s a chance to say, No, I can’t do it all. Or have someone else say, Never mind. Take care of yourself. You don’t have to do it all. We’ll take care of that.
Health problems are a great humbler and make it hard to keep up the “I, the Savior, will rescue you!” routine.
How have you been? Any lucky breaks? 🙂

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