Poem: Magic Kingdom

2013-08-29 Castle (1)


I’m not the princess stuck in a castle tower
Growing out my hair
Waiting for a prince
To whisk me away from there

Not whining and pining
To live happily ever after

I am the happily
In the happily ever after
I am the magic
In the magic kingdom

About the poem:

This photo is of a toy store in my neighborhood. When I saw the castle, I thought, “I wanna live in a castle!”  But when I got close and noticed this captive princess in the tower, my heart fell. I don’t want to be a party pooper and suggest we censor all our fairy tales. But, don’t you wonder, what does this image say to our young girls? And boys?

And I remembered. I already am happy and my life is magical, when I allow it to be.  How about teaching our kids how to create a magical kingdom of their lives, rather than waiting for one.

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