September 6, 2013

2013-9-06 Meander

A million thoughts run through my head
Too many things to do

The only thing to do
Is to take a walk
Be amazed
By every detail
Then sit
And be

I just know
What to do

About the poem:
I took many time management classes. Get your priorities straight was the takeaway. I agree! The best way I’ve found to make sure I’m on track with my priorities, my big priorities of my life, is to spend time in stillness. And/or in nature.

This week, I’m working on finishing up many old projects, job hunting, and seeing old friends. ┬áIt’s easy to get scattered and feel frustrated. But it’s also easy to get back in balance. I took a walk on the trails in my old hometown. I took my camera and took many photographs. Then on this tiny footbridge, I sat.

I pared my to-do list down to a third of what I’d been considering, and had a very lovely day!

About the author:
Finding inner peace in every step is the key to a happy life. Read about in my books on Amazon and Kindle!


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