Poem: More than Enough #NaPoWriMo 05

The unease was gnawing
The disarray was growing
The sink full of dishes
The counter full of stuff
I could see my problem
Was “more than enough”
I flung open the cupboards
And wildly emptied them all
And made each item beg for it’s place
The unconvincing ones were tossed in a pile
Extra cheese graters
Unneeded mugs
Excavating from the depths
Plastic containers shoved in a heap
Saved for someday
Too many to keep
This flinging and cursing
So exhilarating
Propelled me
On to the next room

About the poem:
Compared to many Americans, I live a modest lifestyle. The fact that I live in a studio apartment and have nothing stored elsewhere, means that I automatically limit the amount of stuff I have.
Even so, it’s easy to accumulate bit by bit, without realizing it until I finally just feel a strange discomfort. It often appears as not being able to keep my place clean!
After watching the movie, “Minimalism” on Netflix, it helped motivate me to reassess what I really need.
“We as a culture have lost our minds.” – Minimalism Movie
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Co1Iptd4p4]
About the poet:
Joan Gregerson has dabbled in Minimalism for quite awhile. From traveling by bicycle for 6 months in New Zealand and Australia, to traveling in Latin America with hubby, kids and backpacks, to living in studio apartment in South Korea, minimalism is liberation from the chains of accumulaconsumerism that threatens to swallow us whole. Joan is the host of the Nourish! Retreat in Grand Lake in August 2017Nourish! Retreat in Grand Lake in August 2017 and the creator of the program Food Freedom NaturallyFood Freedom Naturally.

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