Find your most delicate
Your most prized crystal goblet
I will hold it
While you fill it diligently

With every worry
And every disappointment
And every regret
And every sad memory
And every smidgin of guilt

Let go
Stand back
As I smash it
To smithereens
With the spike heel of
My kryptonite stiletto

Let’s dance
Let’s fly

About the poem:

Omigoodness, life is meant to be fun. Let’s do this thing! I met a Korean guy today who lived in Rwanda and other countries in Africa. It was so refreshing to be with him. His eyes and his heart were open. He was unafraid. It might take something big to smash all the constraints and burdens we are carrying, and leave you free to dance and fly.


About the author:

Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books about dancing and flying through life, with tidbits she has gleaned over the past 52 years. What does Ghana, Guatemala and Korea teach a girl? Find out! Buy a book on Amazon or Kindle.



About the Author joangregerson

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