2013-05-01 11.10.57 Gaksan Drinking From Red Ladle

Why a sippy cup?

My love is the yaksuteo

Don’t be shy, drink up!


About the poem:

In Korea, many hiking trails have a mountain spring. In Korean, the name of the spring place is yaksuteo. (Pronounced yahk-sue-tuh, nearly rhyming with up)

In busy Asian culture, spending time with friends is often considered a luxury (to be sipped!), since work, study and family are higher priorities. But, in Ghana especially, I learned that these simple, unhurried interactions are the most valuable, and it’s my mission to love in that way.

Dude, this makes for some interesting relationships here in Korea, I must say! When it comes to the amount of time for friendship, there seems to be a clash between a scarcity and an abundance assumption.

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