July 10, 2013

Namildae Spa


Sand scrubs my feet
Hot yoga as I leap from towel to shore

Seaweed fronds swipe my skin
Was that an instant facial?
I swim through their greeting

The strong hands of the sea roll me here and there
Working out the kinks
Again and again
They nudge me, Let go
Stop fighting for control

The sun works on my hair
Meticulously highlighting
A few strands at a time

The saltwater bath supports me
What weighed me down
Has been lifted
My spirits buoyed

Pampered head to toe
I’m left floating on my back
Covered only with a light blanket of saltwater

I gaze up at the blue  sky and floating clouds,
Who tell me gently
Don’t rush back just yet
Stay as long as you like

About the poem:

Life is like riding the bumper cars. You are gonna get dinged up a bit every day. So, how will you get fixed up? Nature!

Nature is the go-to healing power extraordinaire!

This month, as I transition from one country to another, from a job to the unknown, from dear friends here to dear family and friends at home… I know there are gonna be plenty of dings, and thus healing power is gonna come in extra-handy.

I book dates with nature, like others book massages. Same power. Free. Nature is so generous with her gifts. But you gotta go there. You have to humble yourself, submit yourself and say, yes, please, I want it all. Give me the deluxe package. I deserve it!

The photo is from this morning at Namildae Beach with Elephant Rock in the background, in Samcheonpo, South Korea.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about her ideas for how to enjoy life, focusing specifically on stuff she didn’t know when she was growing up or raising her own family. These changes make life easier and more fun. Try it? Books on Amazon and Kindle!


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