Poem: Nature Time …a Haiku

2013-08-25-09.33.13 Red Rocks.jpg

Teach me to tell time
Not with minutes and hours
But with clouds and rocks


About the poem:

This morning while walking at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Golden, Colorado, I was moved by seeing and being in nature. Time in nature seems to transcend what I know about time. I use my phone as an alarm, or a calendar to set appointments. But seeing rocks that represent thousands of years, contrasted with clouds that form and disappear before my eyes, the combination of permanence and fleeting existence …I have no concepts to summarize this….nature time. I am unable to understand it, but I can feel the healing power, be thankful and be in awe.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes about how to tune in to inner peace and enjoy life! Understanding that nature is a healer, and seeking it out is a subject in her books, available on Amazon and Kindle.

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