August 9, 2013

2013-08-03 Red Rocks Saturday Morning (2)

If, if, if only
I ain’t awaitin’ on no stinkin’ if’s to come true
If’n I just wanna enjoy today

About the poem:

In Korea, I used to see many women hunched over at nearly a 90 degree angle with osteoporosis, I guess. I wondered, do they think, If only, I could walk upright …then my life would be great. As I walked by, upright.

But when I got closer to them, usually they already looked quite happy. So, maybe they weren’t waiting around for any if’s to come true either.

I went through much of life thinking I could be happy if only …I had something, did something, was somewhere else. These days, most days, today is just dandy with me. No stinkin if’s block the way.

The photo is of Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado with the classic blue, red and green of my Colorado home.







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