Floating merrily

Heading to a motel

At the end of our first day

“No vacancy”

We tried another

And another

Then, in a pool of light

I saw us

Wandering the alleys

Breaking my own rules

In a flash, I knew, “No way”

“I am precious.”

“No discount sale, no rush”

I thanked my lucky stars

For those few minutes of delay

I woke the next morning

It seemed all a dream

But swooning with peace and blessings

I felt at home, at home

Does the universe give guidance

In blinking neon

“No Vacancy”

About this poem:

I don’t believe in ‘bad luck.’ This poem is about one such example. I do think I get signs from the universe. On a good day, I follow them.

Sex is a powerful tool for expressing love, but also promotes bonding. I do best when I slow down.

Joan Gregerson lives and teaches in South Korea. She hopes you will choose to give up worrying and enjoy life! Author of:






About the Author joangregerson

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