May 19, 2013

The same argument every day

Who is the better person

Who is more loving

Cloaked in words like

Dishes and laundry, and bills

And when will you be home


She was sure she was right

Sure that he’d soon agree

But he didn’t

She ran out of words

All that was left was

One tomato sitting on the counter

Not ripe yet, which was better than she’d hoped

A bit large though, which was worse than she’d hoped

She threw it at him anyway

With a scream added in for dramatic effect

Today’s argument was over

But not as she’d hoped


About the poem:

It’s hard to prove that we’re all that, when all we got is anger. This is true for spanking or yelling at our kids, spouses, students, anyone. Anger is not being strong. It is a lack of skills or creativity, or both. Let’s develop those skills and use our creativity to come up with a better world.

About the Author joangregerson

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