I’m calling to ask, Are we at war?

No, if we were, Congress would have had to approve it.
And it didn’t.

But what about the 59 bombs?

Well, remember O-bomb-a…
We weren’t at war then.
We’re not at war now.

I didn’t agree then.
I don’t agree now.
How is sending Tomahawk missiles into a country not war?

They were just targeted strikes.

But how is that different from war?

Because Congress didn’t declare war.
Mam, do you have a comment for your representative?

Please tell her,
I’m against war
I’m against calling war “not war”
I’m against killing for any reason
I’m against war
And everything you say it’s not
Don’t kill in my name
Don’t support killing in my name
Tell my representative
To represent

About the poem:
The day after the bombing, I received a text from DailyAction.org. It suggested, call your representative and ask, Are we at war? So, I did.
And though my response was not as articulate as above, the lecture from the representative’s staff was clear. It’s not war, because we didn’t authorize it. If we had authorized it, it would be war.
My head hurts. My heart breaks.
Please study the War Powers of the United States and explain to me how this is not war.

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