I tried everything

Became a crazy, devil

Fin’lly, nothing worked


2013-05-02 15.22.00 Heavenly Sky

About the poem:

“Lighten up!”, is sometimes hard for me to do. I want to force and hurry things along into my plan.  When I hear myself say, “I’ve tried everything!” in exasperation, I eventually realize..Wait!!!  It’s time to try “nothing”. That is, to stop pushing and let go, let it go. (If I have trouble doing this, I get help from my mentor. Usually, I wish I’d asked for help sooner. )

By releasing my stranglehold on a problem, solutions bubble up delivering something better than I’d imagined. In the 12-step programs, like Al-Anon, a slogan sums this up as: “Let go and let God.”

About the Author

Joan has been a crazy devil to her friends and family at times. But by forgiving her and being patient and kind, they are teaching her some important skills. She writes books and blogs about tips like this, and about inner peace, love, life, relationships, nutrition, and nature.

About the Author joangregerson

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