Poem: Oh Day, How Did I Do?

2013-11-23 Sunset Seen from Erie (4)

Oh Day, how did I do?
Did I quickly unwrap you
And throw you away?
Or was I astonished
At your generosity, oh Day
Did I unwrap you
Sweet and slow?
Did I laugh with you,
Savor you.
Go where you wanted to go?
Oh Day, was I kind
Did I say things that were untrue
Overall what do you think
Oh Day, how did I do?

About the poem:
I originally wrote this poem on August 2, 2013, but driving home from my friend’s house on Saturday, seeing the sunset, these questions ran through my head. What is it about the striking beauty of a sunet that stops us in our tracks? I pulled the car over and watch and photographed the sunset, forgetting whatever I was rushing to do, as it morphed then disappeared before my very eyes.

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