The day looked miserably cold and rainy

But, being spring, it was only rainy

The warmth of yesterday lingered

The cherry blossoms had fallen

And dried up on the streets weeks ago

Were they thankful to be swept away now?

Their glory days past?

An old man rode by on his bicycle

Holding his umbrella in one hand

It covered him but not the wooden box where his bag was stuffed behind his seat

He seemed a bit wobbly in the rain

Avoiding the parked cars along one side

Weaving among the people walking

Permanently bent-over ajummas carried their baskets of vegetables

Those ajummas without umbrellas acted as if there was no rain

But everyone else ran for cover or huddled under umbrellas

Young mommies, with babies on the front

Waddled under the weight of their baby lumps

Peeking under the blanket now and then, they hustled down the street

All scurrying through today’s new rain

I paused at the crosswalk

Deciding if I should change plans

But I had my umbrella

Okay, it’s not my umbrella

Working at a school, abandoned umbrellas appear

Quicker than I can lose mine

So, I had ‘an’ umbrella

And the rain was a blanket

A mistiness that enfolded and cushioned the entire scene

I tread softly the few blocks

With no sounds reporting my steps

Arriving, hair damp and curlier than usual

As I’m shaking off my umbrella

“Nice weather!”

“Yes! Nice,  indeed!”

*ajummas – elderly ladies,  Korean. They are known here for being feisty and strong! Many have severe osteoporosis, but are very physically active, seen gardening, selling vegetables, working and walking.

About the Author:

Joan Gregerson lives and teaches in Samcheonpo, Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea. She writes books and blogs about a couple things she’s picked up on in her 50+ years: mainly how to give up worrying and enjoy life more. She writes about love, life, meditation, nature, nutrition and anything that puzzles or inspires her. Find her books on Amazon and Kindle, or follow her on or twitter@joangregerson

About the Author joangregerson

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