End of summer
Beets and greens
What do you think?
Add cukes and lemon
Quick as a wink
Super pink drink!

About the poem:
I never liked beets until recently. I think it’s because I as a kid, they were served canned or overcooked. Maybe?

Anyhow, that has changed! I got a big ole beet from the Farmer’s Market and sliced it up. It was delicious just like that. But I went ahead with my plan. Threw cucumber, then greens, then beet with a slice of lemon (peel on) in the blender (adding enough filtered water to make it go). Strained it all through a painter’s mesh bag (2 for $2.50 at Home Depot). And just use a And it made three large glasses full. I don’t know all the details. I just know I feel good making it, and always feel good after drinking it. Super!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes with one basic message: Life is meant to be enjoyed. Every day.
Her blog and books on Amazon and Kindle are her way of passing on new ways of thinking and living, that have made her life easier. Try it?!

The thing is, it’s so quick to make this. This took me about 10 minutes to make it all and clean it up.

About the Author joangregerson

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