Puppy Wisdom

After waiting months to run into her

You finally do


You say hi

Then open your door

Rushing to disappear

Hurrying to begin waiting again


Your puppy darts out

Runs to her

Paws at her

Jumps up on her

Forcing you to go to her

Talk to her

She is going for a walk

You say goodbye

And head back to your door


Your puppy

Runs after her

And into the elevator

Sits down beside her

A few laughs

More rushed words


She descends alone

Your puppy in your arms

You close the door behind you

Both of you now waiting…

Full-on puppy-style waiting

For her

For next time

About the poem

Sometimes I just write down a funny story a friend tells me. Like this one. Why be shy? Just run up to her and befriend her if you want to! In each step, we act out of love or fear. Choose love! It’s just more fun!

About the author:

Joan Gregerson hopes you will lighten up, give up worry and fear, and love like a puppy …with abandon and nothing to lose! She blogs and writes books about this. Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle. She is having a blast writing a poem a day for April National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)!

About the Author joangregerson

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