Rather like a rabid beast
When I’m undernourished
I’m always looking for a feast
But a green smoothie in me
Diverts the cravings away
The greens pulsing through me
Rev up my day
Greens in the morning
Quench my thirst
Greens in the morning
Self love first

About the poem:
I recently read the book “12 Steps to Raw Food” by Victoria Boutenko. The entire book is illuminating but one tidbit is this: Drinking green smoothies not only nourishes you. It is also a proven way to reduce cravings before they hit. This is no small thing. This also, I think, explains why it’s not felt difficult to be off sugar for the past month. Her point is that before you try to cut out unhealthy foods, spend some days or weeks nourishing your body with green smoothies every morning.
The photo is a smoothie from Sunday: cucumber, lime, mint, apple, kale. Zingy!
Have you tried making green juice or green smoothies? What’s in your smoothie today? Here is a link to the Raw Family’s Green Smoothie site for more ideas:
The fact that smoothies can alleviate sugar cravings is huge. Check out this graph, which Dr Weil just used in his presentation earlier this week. Wowza!

Sugar intake and obesity are going hand in hand, shooting right up

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