My room was a rat’s den
Bits of paper
Empty glasses
Thngs to give away
Things to return
Covered the space where the carpet had been
I finally hit a turning point
There were more things lost
Than things I could find
My mind mainly
My mind plainly
A place for everything
Everything was all over the place
A place for everything
Aha, everything needs a place
I lugged bureaus and shelves, drawers and the chair
I moved them from here and put them over there
But that didn’t work
So I moved some right back
I switched out chairs for shelves
Heaven glimmered from hell
I flipped this and that
Became an organizing rat
I turned on the light
As day turned to night
I found a gift card
And a check
My cousin’s address
(In Quebec)
The receipts for my business trip
The jacket that won’t unzip
And after several more hours
I found the floor
That, and my peace of my mind,
Were what I’d been searching for
My rat’s den
Became my den
My office
My study
Next time
Don’t let it go so long
Tell me to clean it up
Good buddy

About the Author joangregerson

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