Poem: Ready Anytime

I’m not one of those people
that’s worried about dyin;
I am ready anytime
And I’m not worried about livin’ either
If tomorrow, I wake up,
I’m gonna kiss the new day
And if I don’t wake up,
What’s the use of cryin’?
I’m not one of those people
That needs to ring the bell at the top of the rope
I like the feel of the rope
Trying to grip and pull myself up
I smile when I slip
And I like the view any old day
Each day a new angle
I’m ready anytime
I don’t fret that death will steal something
That I ain’t never owned
In the first place
The love I feel
Was here before me
And won’t pass away when I do
If I die tonight
Or I live to 120
I’ll feel the same
Blessed that I have lived plenty
I am ready anytime
Any given day
My taxes might not yet be done
And my dishes might be in the sink
My laundry might not yet be done
Nothing important is left undone
I have forgiven everybody for everything
Again today
Even myself
Especially myself
Ready anytime
Ready to live
Every day
Really live
Knowing one day
Will be my last
I am ready anytime
Ready to die
Ready to live

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