Flinging open the patio door
A flash of fur
Asleep no more
Head and back and ears and taily
Arms and legs and nose and belly
Every part must get a rub
The lawn is better than a tub
After napping all morning
And sitting on my ass
I shake off being lonely
By rolling in the grass
Kick and squirm, arch and wriggle
Others watching may start to giggle
Your derision is unfounded
Every part of me is grounded
Instead of meditating on your ass
You could be like me
Rolling in the grass
About the poem:
My dog sittee was phenomenal at doing a minute-long roll in the grass when I let him out! I love teaching the technique of lying on the grass to get instantly grounded, when anxiety strikes. Who knew, ZingZing is a master!

About the Author joangregerson

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