August 22, 2013

2013-08-22 Denver Full Moon


You might think I’d feel empty
But I’m okay tonight
Without seeing you
Without holding your hand
Without hearing your laugh
I’m okay
Knowing we’re under the same moon
I’m not empty without you
I’m full of love
Under this full moon
The same moon
With you

About the poem:

So, on this full moon, I walked out the front door of the home where I first arrived when I was two years old. I walked out on the porch, and down the steps and stood in the middle of the street so I could see over the big trees. I breathed in and out deeply, thinking of friends and family scattered around the world. I looked at the moon and felt full of love, knowing that my friends might be looking at this same moon in a few hours, and they might be thinking of me too.

First published April 24, 2013.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes about love and life, as she’s walked through 52 years of life. She shares this in books (on Amazon and Kindle), facebook, twitter and this blog. Walk with me?


About the Author joangregerson

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