December 27, 2013


In one house
The cat got a new mouse
Handsewn with buttons and lace
And strings and fancy things
And a new dish and a bag of gourmet treats

Elsewhere a little girl goes hungry
Santa did not find her

In one house
The dog got a sweater
And a shiny new bowl
And three new balls to play with
And a big bone to chew on

Elsewhere a little boy will wear his tattered clothes one more year
Santa did not find him

Isn’t there a way
Aren’t there
A million ways
To share more
As we teach the little girls and little boys
That is so important to do

Can’t we figure out
A million ways
To share more?

About the poem:
Talking to a friend from Ghana, who is seeing Christmas for the first time in the West, we are trying to make sense of the great disparity of material wealth. And can’t.

About the Author joangregerson

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