July 25, 2013

2013-05-17 19.01.05

Is it hard to act so cold
When you have been warm
For so long

Is it tough to act as if I am evil
When you believed I was good
For so long

Is it hard to hold me out
Though you invited me in
For so long

Is it difficult to pretend that you don’t care
Doesn’t the leftover love seep in there?

Is it hard to try not to love me
Now, as we are saying
“So long!”

About the poem:

Is it actually possible to stop loving someone? I don’t think so. ┬áSometimes, I have tried to stop loving someone, but it always makes me miserable. Yes, we have to change and let people go. But don’t try to fight the one, the all-powerful, the champion: Love.


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