I don’t want to shout
And I don’t want to be rude
But things have got to change
I’m telling you dude
I gave it awhile
The benefit of the doubt
I hoped for the best
And sat it out
Now I’m older
If not wiser
And one thing fo sho
Power doesn’t get divvied
It doesn’t equally flow
Power is demanded
By those who know
We have a right to be
But we have a responsibility
We’ll get stood up
And knocked up
Until we stand up
And shout
I don’t want to be rude
But more than that
I don’t want to be lame
If we stay silent
We have only ourselves to blame
It’s time to speak out
For the least of us
For the homeless
For the old and the young
For the poorest among us
For our planetary lungs
For seven generations from now
For us for now
It’s time to stand up

About the poem:
We find ourselves at an epic point in history. When the wealth is getting more and more distilled into the hands of the few. When the planet is suffering. When my sweet friend has graduated from high school with high grades, and can not afford to even begin college. So the American dream is no longer? When money is buying our government right in front of our eyes. When hate and bigotry swell, powered by fear. What can we do? Quite a bit actually.
There’s a proven method that goes generally like this: Get together. Look for the underlying causes. (For example, poverty as a cause of crime.) Speak the truth as you see it. Identify solutions. Work as a team. Find someone who can lead. Support him/her. Repeat the loop adjusting as you go.
Naomi Klein coined the term “willful ignorance” talking about our planet’s fate. To think that we can go on with a corporate-funded politics does not seem realistic to me. We’ve tried it with increasingly reckless abandon over the past 100 years. For statistics on the trends of growing inequality, check out the movie “Inequality for All”. The opposite of willful ignorance is awareness and acceptance of the depth of the mess of our current situation.
I’m voting for Bernie because to me he sounds like the voice of love and compassion for the least among us. His words over the past three decades consistently sound like MLK, Jesus and Pope Francis, …my favorite guys. And by writing about this today, I’m taking that opportunity to (perhaps offend you or seem rude, my apologies but I gotta) stand up.
That’s me. What do you believe in? For what will you stand up?

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