2012-12-01 Gaksan Hike (7)
oh no! oh my god! pathetic!
holy shit! those idiots!
accusations bounced off the sidewalk
and the street
and inside my skull
i know i must get out and walk
but panic is my place of birth
it’s hard to go
even though i resist
i pull my boots on
And i open the door
one step then another
Within seconds
the ranting disappears
one step then another
one step then another
one step then another
About the poem:
I’m lucky that I get to walk most Sunday mornings. I do it because I’m addicted to it and my friend is waiting so I go. But sleep and laziness always tempt me to skip it. I go mostly because I feel crappy when I don’t, and I feel much better when I do.
This is a fascinating article about how hiking reduces obsessive thinking and depression and how urban living increases it. Word!
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