Sugar is not love
It’s just a crutch I lean on
When I am not strong

About the poem:

Emotional eating is the vice I have to keep an eye out for. Having gained 30 pounds twice in my life, and lost them, I know it’s sugar, not whiskey, not cocaine, and not cigarettes, that is my weakness.

Today was Teacher’s Day. I usually don’t buy much in the way of cakes, so was kinda looking forward to some. But alas, there was none.

On a day like today, I teach six hours in a row with 5 minute breaks between classes, and handful of almonds to keep me going. So, I’m a bit low sometimes by 9:10 pm when I finish.

So, when I went home, and made myself a little brownie thingy (I have no oven, so I used the skillet), I can label this accurately as emotional eating.

I recently heard Dr. Christian Northrup say, “Emotional eating is the not the problem. It’s the solution.” That’s what it was tonight. I know that eating a brownie has nothing to do with love and appreciation. But, I couldn’t figure out a way to just get past that. So, I added ground whole grain muesli, and egg for more protein, so it was as nutritious as possible.

When I am weak, a brownie is a crutch. It doesn’t give my body what it’s really craving, which is nutrition. And, I know it’s not love and I’m not gonna wax poetic about a gooey processed concoction.

When I am stronger, I eat something that is actually good. Something that actually is love, like some veggie-packed dinner or juice, that helps me get stronger. And that I can wax poetic about, and sometimes do!

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