Poem: The Best Friend I Never Had

You were the best friend
I never had
I fell in love with us
At first sight
I fell in love
With the meals we never ate
The trips we never took
With the promises
We couldn’t keep
You stayed in the shallow end
I waited in the deep
When I needed you most
You just weren’t there
Time was your master
But I had time to spare
Still, in the end
I love you my friend
You were a friend
And a dear friend
It’s just bittersweet that
You were the best friend
I never had


About the poem:

I’m sure this happens worldwide, but it seems to happen a lot in Korea. You meet someone you really click with, ┬ábut then, try as you might, you just can’t find a way to become close. Lack of time, cultural differences, priorities, and language are just a few of the barriers that pile up. So close, but yet so far. Hmm

About the Author: Joan Gregerson


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