Honor thy mother and father
It’s hard to sit still
When the extension of ourselves
Is being desecrated
When air, soils and water are being contaminated
When forests are being obliterated
It’s hard to nod politely
To accept the reasons why
Honor thy mother and father
While corporate greed
Is predictable
And government bureacracy
Is intractable
Why are so many
Of faith
So unmotivated
So unconcerned
Honor thy mother and father
Why preach love and mercy
And caring for the poor
But look away
From pesticides
And slave wages for workers and
Obscene conditions for
Factory farm animals
Honor thy mother and father
Like Luther condemned
Status quo then
I reject the teachings
That fail to teach love
I reject the preachings
That fail to preach truth
Honor thy mother and father
To neglect is
To destroy
To treat our planet
Like a throwaway toy
It’s the habitual
Turning a blind eye
It’s the willful ignorance
That masquerades as bliss
Honor thy mother and father
So that it may be well with you
And that you may live long on the earth
Mother Earth, Father Sky
What have we lost?
Now we have low, low prices
But at what cost?
Faith and food
Nature and nurture
Respect and responsibility
Mother Earth, Father Sky
What have we done?
About the poem:
Let’s wake up to the connections. Join me for “One World Wellness”, Sunday at 3 pm from May-July.

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