March 26, 2014

2013-11-16 Boulder Bike Ride (15)
Oh path
Where are you going, I do not know
Where you are going, there I will go
Oh path
Just to have feet
And you to walk with
To be able to skip and dawdle
Oh path
Surprise me!
There is nothing I need
I will follow wherever you lead

About the poem:
I used to think decisions were so critical to make correctly. But now, I think, I have so many good choices, whatever I choose, wherever I go, miracles await. When I feel strongly that I should call a friend, or go somewhere, I usually do that. When I can’t decide, I choose one thing, and feel good that I had so many choices. It’s a lot lighter way to make decisions, and live, in general. Wished I’d known to try this four decades earlier!

About the Author joangregerson

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