March 19, 2014

2013-10-12 7th Annual Neighborhood Peace Walk (46)


I’ll learn from what you do
Not from what you preach
What you’re yet to learn
I might be able to teach

If it’s true what they say
That’s why I’m here
When the student is ready
The teacher will appear

Thanks for inviting me
I did RSVP

About the poem:
I found this cute baby lingering in my October 2013 photos! Such clear eyes! I want a teacher like that!

I have learned so much from my kids …just exactly what I hadn’t learned earlier in life. Thanks to whomever or whatever for delivering the teachers, just when I needed them.

To be open about what’s not working, and looking to our kids as a source of wisdom is an easy, but often overlooked strategy for improving our lives.


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