2013-06-10 Gaksan (25)

Home is wherever I am

The return address

On this letter

Here is where I’m supposed to be now

And tomorrow

I’ll be doing

This, or something better

About the poem:

“This, or something better” is a phrase I picked up from my 12-step community. (I went through the Al-Anon program for families of alcoholics, but learned this from my AA friends.)

I don’t agonize about decisions anymore. I find that if I take my time, I always find something awesome. Maybe I don’t know the purpose immediately, but in reflecting, I can see the growth I’ve experienced in each situation in the past. And I trust that that pattern is our basic path. I don’t believe in bad luck, so what the heck. Who knows exactly what’s next? We are kidding ourselves when we pretend that we do. It’s just roughly, this or something better!

About the Author joangregerson

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