Poem: Thread of love …a Haiku about loving detachment

Rope was too heavy

Attached now by just a thread

We dance together

About the poem:

Loving detachment is a tool we need to have in our relationship toolbox.  When we are stuck in a pattern that we can see is unhelpful, try and try, and we can’t break it, what should we do? Loving detachment is a misnomer because we are still attached, just lightly by love without all the goopy, controlling, heavy stuff we stacked on. It’s a way to let go of bad habits, let love alone be the connection for awhile. How? Stay loving in your heart! When you think of that person, silently wish them a happy day! Imagine wonderful things coming their way! Visualize them feeling better, healing, and thinking of you and smiling too.


Then get some help! Get working on healing what needs to be healed, so you can come back strong!

I once stopped talking for three years, then started again. It was a decision that shaped me and allowed me time to grow strong enough to have that healthy relationship I’d always wanted, but couldn’t get to whilst tangled up tightly in old, destructive patterns.

Being connected only by love is still love, and loving detachment is sometimes the necessary first step in renovating a rickety relationship.

Joan Gregerson hopes you will choose to give up worrying and enjoy life! Author of:

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