September 20, 2013

2013-09-19 Autumn Maple Leaf on Sidewalk (1)


Let me learn to let go
Like the maple tree
That releases its leaves
Without struggle
When the leaves are most beautiful
When it’s time to let go

Let me learn to let go
Like the maple tree
Releases what was once attached tightly
Once helpless, once nourished
When it’s time to let go

Let me release what is unneeded
Like the maple tree releases its leaves
To dance merrily off on the breeze
Let me change with beauty
And ease

Let me stay strong and whole
Let me know
When it’s time to let go

About the poem:
Sometimes, it’s easy to let something go and move on. Other times, some thing or person is attached and I can’t imagine letting it go, even when I know deep down it’s time. Sometimes, it takes some effort. Like, telling someone something they don’t want to hear. Yes, usually it requires courage but not really a lot of effort.

Last week, I bought a car and it was a bad decision. I guessed so on the first day, but hoped it would be okay. This week, I decided to let it go. It seemed like it was a big effort to let it go, but really it was just a tiny moment of clarity, then listing it on Craigslist, and the momentum took over.

Just seeing this little leaf on the ground reminded me how nature is constantly letting go, and how necessary, obvious and lovely that is!

What is it time to let go of in your life?

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