Poem: Tiny

Bigger house
More stuff
Lose myself
In all the stuff
A tiny house
Might be enough
In a tiny house
They found enough

About the poem:
As an energy engineer, I have been thinking about home size and efficiency for a long time. As a person who raised two kids in a smaller home than that of our friends, I’ve also been aware how great that was. We had the flexibility to have one parent work. We were close. We camped and traveled for a year together twice, which again was tiny, but very good.
Today, we saw the movie “Tiny” at the Boulder Film Festival, about two 30-year olds (approx.) that build a tiny house together over a year. It’s the size of a parking space, about 130 sf. Incredible! Inside it looked so cozy! After the movie, this model was there from a company called Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It was for sale for $27,500.
After being in Ghana and Korea, I’ve seen that the American standard idea of space needed is much more, maybe 10x more than other global citizens think is normal or necessary.
Tiny is refreshing.

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