Poem: To Disappoint

It takes warrior courage
And superhero powers
To say no
To disappoint
It takes warrior courage
And superhero powers
To protect
My peace
In every way
I finally see
It doesn’t pay
To neglect me

About the poem:
I was taught to do unto others, then mumble mumble. The part about taking care of yourself wasn’t mentioned. But every addict knows how heroic this is. And taking care of yourself means saying no.  And disappointing people. And adjusting on the fly to be able to handle things with grace.
Cheryl Richardson writes about Permission to Disappoint. If you don’t grant yourself this permission, it can make you bitter and resentful.
I’m feeling so happy because I am taking the day off tomorrow. I had to get over my fear of disappointing to even ask about it. Luckily I did, because I was starting to feel overwhelmed with a bunch of to-dos. Simply taking a day off lets me address those with ease.
I’m writing this in the hopes that you won’t wait as long as I did to know that love begins with you.


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