Poem: To Understand Yourself, Study Your Parents

2012-07-07 Daylilies

To understand yourself
Study your parents

Work like a researcher
With love
Consider the data
Find out the causes and effects
What are the initial conditions

Work like a gardener
With love
See what grows naturally
In that soil
What nutrients are lacking
What pests attack

Work like a hair stylist
With love
Know where the cowlicks are
Find out what can be combed over
And what must be dramatically cut

To understand yourself
Study your parents
With love

You’re all grown up now
It’s time
To understand yourself
To parent yourself
With love

About the poem:

Accepting that we all are doing our best, is a good starting place. But, we do need to take an honest look at the weaknesses that run through our families, so we won’t simply pass them on from one generation to the next. Studying our parents with a loving heart will help us understand ourselves, love ourselves and our parents. It is the door that opens the way for families to evolve into the peaceful, joyful pods we all hope to be.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about love, life and peace in books (on Amazon and Kindle) and in this blog. You can subscribe to this blog, to receive daily emails or whatever frequency you like!

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