October 2, 2013

Twist to the right
Look to the left
Slow it down
Watch the breath
Simple moves
Letting go
Love my body
Loving me

About the poem:
By now, I know that too much sitting is going to cause tightness in the shoulders, maybe some back pain, and stiff legs.

Now that I started a new job working in an office, I know that if I’m proactive about my exercise, my body will continue to feel good. Tonight, my friend and I did a 25-minute Rodney Yee PM yoga DVD. As we’d predicted, it felt great!

What does your body need? Are you taking care of your body? How can you achieve your dreams is your body is in poor shape? Can you find a friend to help you, so you can motivate each other? What are you already doing to love your body?

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