Funeral scene from 2013 Thor Movie

I’ve always said
When I die
I want nothing fancy
Not a church service
Not a high tea
Just a kickback party
Then cremate me
Sprinkle my ashes
Out the car window
If you want
Or throw me in a pine box
In the yard
Whatever’s cheap
And not too hard
That’s what I always said

But, but, but
If you happen to live by a big river
Or maybe the sea
If you have a small wooden ship
That you don’t really need
If you have a flowy princess dress
That you’re okay
Giving away

Invite the best archer you know
And a strong bow
Then shove me off to float
At night in that little boat
Before I get too far out
Go ahead and shoot a flaming arrow
Poof! Flames!

A schooner of fire
Drifting away
The light, the sparks, the warmth, the cold
Summarizing what needs to be told
That. that would be a great ending
I couldn’t ask for more
If there happens to be a waterfall
Then really, that’s all!

About the poem:
Have you seen the movie Thor: The Dark World? Oh my gosh, the funeral scene was something like this with a ship floating out, a flaming arrow, a poof of flames, spirits mixing, and a waterfall. Yeah, that or whatever’s cheap and easy. Either of those plans work for me!


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