September 3, 2013


From the north, south and east
Fields and roads stretch
And hurl themselves into the west
Where they reach and curl
A wave frozen in time

About the poem:
These past few days, I’ve been driving in Boulder County and on up to Fort Collins. I am simply stunned by the magnificence of the plains and mountains and how they meet abruptly, for miles as the Rocky Mountains crashes through Colorado.

In Korea, people often told me, “The U.S. is so big. I envy you.” After living on that small, densely populated peninsula, I too am thinking, “Wow, the U.S. is big!” I’m almost in shock, adjust to the size difference.

The geography does give you a different feeling about life, your possibilities, your options. That then makes me question, how much of what we believe is simply due to our surroundings and what we’ve been exposed to? How much of that is true? And what might we believe to be true if we were raised elsewhere? So, I take cultural beliefs with a grain of salt. Cute, but not necessarily true!

Meanwhile, I a enjoying the sheer size of the view that stretches from north to south, as far as I can see.



About the Author joangregerson

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